Red X error in Dynamic Inquiries

There exists a bug that can result in a Red X appearing across the grid of a Dynamic Inquiry. Please read below for more information regarding the issue and how to restore a grid to default settings.

You can narrow down the scope so that you are not resetting ALL of the Dynamic Inquiries, but just the one grid that is experiencing the red X. I have attached a list of the specific file names that you can delete to refresh only the impacted grid.

From testing with other clients, resetting the grid will prevent the red x from occurring again until 2 conditions re-appear. 1) User changes the grid sorting to a column other than the default sorting column, AND 2) The user accesses that grid AFTER having just accessed a specific customer(s). The "specific customer" is appearing to be a customer that had an extremely large qty of data records in that grid. It appears that large customer is somehow breaking the display of data, and when moving on to a different customer, the grid is not in a state in which it can now longer refresh to show data for the new customer.

As of this moment, we have had two clients be able to reproduce the above with those conditions and a known specific customer. However, there are also customer's that have equal or greater data history, and the issue does not occur. So at this time it is still somewhat of a mystery. Once Acclamare developers can 100% reproduce the issue, it will be sent on to the company that writes the grid display tool. I have mostly minimized the impact to most client by asking that until the issue is resolved that in the grid for which their encounter the issue that they try the best to avoid frequent changing of column sorting.

Dynamic Inquires file association for resetting.pdf