Document & Transaction Status

The Document & Transaction Status report is used to review for uncompleted transactions and documents that remain in a particular status longer than should be expected. In the case of transaction, these may be that a process was started (ie Vendor Invoice entry), but the user neglected to "Post" the invoice. Alternatively, if could be that a process had been initiated (Purchases Order Receiving), and the user abandoned the receiving process prior to adding a Purchase Order into the receipt. In the first example the Vendor Invoice entry needs to be reviewed and then decision made to either delete or post the invoice. In the second example, the empt Purchase Receipt batch needs to be delete or posted as an empty batch.

This report also lists documents such as Sales Orders that remain in Being Picked status for extended number of days, Sales Invoices which have failed to be printed and/or posted. This report should be reviewed on a weekly if not daily basis processing tasks that have gone uncompleted. This report is a good candidate to be set up as and automated Report Subscription.

Document and Trans Status.pdf