Purge Unmatched Receipts

When inputting a Vendor Invoice for inventory items, there exists the possibility the user may neglect to select the matching receipts lines.(The user would have had to manual choose a GL account in order to complete the post. You should double check GL Inquiry to make sure the invoice was distributed to your inventory account) The result of not selecting matching receipt lines is that your Balance Sheet net total for inventory and net total for payables is overstated. The vendor order increased both the inventory and payables values without reducing the Clearing accounts for either. That is one of the functions of the the matching process.

When it is learned that a Vendor Invoice was posted without matching to the receipt lines, first run Unmatched Receipts Report form Report Manager. The PO Receipt line(s) should still be showing on the report. Now run Transactions - Accounts Payable - Purge Unmatched Receipts.

1) "New", and input the PO#. the grid will populate with the lines and qty which remain unmatched.


2) In the Purge field input quantity to be purged. This would typically be the difference between the Received and the Invoice quantity.

3) Before posting INSURE the left-grid checkbox for Reverse GL Entries is checked. This will credit Inventory Clearing and debit Payables Clearing; the actions that would have occurred if the receipt had been selected and posted during the Vendor Invoice stage.

4) Post the Purge Unmatched Receipts by clicking "Finalize This Purge" from the menu bar. The receipt line(s) will no longer exist on the Unmatched Receipts Report, and the Balance Sheet net values for inventory and payables will be correct.