Automated ACH Payments

Acclamare integrates with ACH Universal authored by Treasury Software for automating ACH payments. Acclamare's Bank Withdrawal process generates a file of payment data formatted to ACH Universal compatibility. ACH Universal then converts this data into the proper format specified by your bank for NACHA payments. ACH Universal transmits the NACHA-formatted file to your bank's secure FTP site and also emails a payment notification to your payee contact.

First contact your bank to confirm they provide the ability to accept automated FTP submission of NACHA files. Note that this is NOT an online/web upload of a file, but rather a automated data transmission over FTP. In most cases, your bank will configure a "Test" portal and a "Production" portal. Before instructing your bank to begin creating the portals, Treasury Software should review the file format that your bank is requesting, to insure there are no issues. Treasury Software has many pre-defined templates for most national and regional banks, and will manually create a template if needed. Request your bank to provide their file specifications.

  • ACH Universal is available in three editions, Standard, Corporate, and Processor. "Corporate" edition provides the required features.
  • The Corporate edition comes in three versions, Desktop, Workgroup, and Enterprise. Depending upon the specific requirements for your bank, either Desktop or Workgroup version will be used. "Desktop" version is known to work for banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo as they process their own Direct ACH transmissions. If a bank is utilizing the Federal Reserve Bank to process Direct ACH's on their behalf, the Workgroup version will likely be required. The Desktop version is for a single user account and installed on up to 3 workstations. Each workstation can submit payments, but their data and transactions are not shared. The Workgroup version provides for up to 5 user accounts and 5 workstations. Data and transactions use a shared SQL database. The Workgroup version also provides for a specific encrypted file format which may be require by some banks.
  • There are two license types by which you can purchase the Desktop or Workgroup versions of the Corporate edition. "Subscription" license is a monthly fee you pay for as long as you continue to use the service. "Perpetual" license is a one-time purchase of the service. The cost of the perpetual license is roughly equivalent to 24 months of subscriptions. If desired, you can also start off under a subscription, and transition to a perpetual license after a few months.