System Shortcuts

System Shortcuts provided a user to assign up to 20 shortcuts to any master screen within Acclamare menu system. Once defined, the user my click the entry in the System Shortcut list or simple use the Function or Alt-Function key to open that screen.

Assigning System Shortcuts

1) Navigate to File Maintenance - My User Account - Maintenance - System Shortcuts.

2) In the listing present, click on the dropdown icon in each field. An alphabetical list of screen names will appear. Chose the screen that you wish to assign to that Function key.

3) Once satisfied with your selections, close this listing and then press SAVE icon on the User Maintenance screen, and then exist the screen.

Additions and changes made in the above steps will not be recognized in your System Shortcut user interface until you log out of Acclamare and log back in.

Viewing and Interacting with System Shortcuts

System Shortcuts are by default docked to the left side of the full-screen Calendar interface of Acclamare. From that docking position the System Shortcut list can either be "pinned" to remain visible at all times or "unpinned" to appear only with mouse fly-over. Toggle the "thumbtack" icon in the upper right portion of the System Shortcut listing to pin or unpin.

You can optionally dock the System Shortcuts to your desktop. This allows you to shrink the primary Acclamare interface and Calendar to a smaller size. If you desire to dock System Shortcuts to the desktop, follow these steps.

1) Drag the primary Acclamare interface to expose the Calendar, but leaving some of your desktop still accessible.

2) Access the System Shortcuts and make sure to toggle it to "pinned" mode.

3) Now click the header of the System Shortcut and drag it onto the desktop.

4) You may now shrink the primary Acclamare interface back to the desired size and location.

Once on the desktop, you can further drag the listing to the desired position and size.