Installation Wizard Does Not Perform Any Updates

There may be times that the Installation Wizard apparently does not perform any updates. This would be characterized by the wizard immediately displaying the "All tasks completed successfully" screen after you initiate the update to run. This is most commonly encountered in non-production environments where by the user is restoring a database that is an EARLIER version than the version level of the Acclamare Installation Wizard. Follow this scenario.

  1. You have Acclamare presently running at version 2016.1.1.
  2. You run the Installation Wizard updating the Acclamare and the database to version 2017.1.0.
  3. You now decide that you have some other database backup that you would prefer to replace as the company database AND that backup is of version EARLIER than 2017.1.0. When you run the Installation Wizard, the wizard immediately displays the "All tasks completed successfully" screen, seemingly not having updated anything.

The wizard DID NOT perform any actions as it determine the data base was already at version level 2017.1.0. This is because the wizard doe not evaluate the the database version directly from the database, but rather from a file that is stored outside of the database.

Acclamare writes an XML file which stores information the installation wizard uses. DO NOT simply delete this file, instead, you will need to edit it.

On the root of your C:\drive, look for a folder named "Program Data". This folder is sometimes hidden, so you may need to alter your Explorer settings to expose hidden files. Inside "Program Data" will be a folder named "Acclamare", and then find file "companies.xml" under that folder. (There should be only a single file in that folder)

Open/edit the file with Notepad. There will be settings section for each company defined, and each company section will have a reference to "Current Version". You need to change the version value back to that of the database version you restored.

When the installation wizard runs the next time, it will recognize there exists a database having a version earlier than 2017.1.0. The wizard will then execute updates to that database bringing it current to the same version as the wizard.