Your company may internally consume some items that you also stock and sell to customers. This may be bags, boxes, gloves, paint, or office supplies as examples. To remove the item(s) from inventory and to expense the costs, Transactions - Inventory - Requisitions is used.

As a prerequisite, first define one or more GL Reason Code (Inventory type). Assign a name referencing requisition for easy identification and assign an appropriate expense account number (ie shipping supplies,etc).

When items are removed from inventory for internal use, access the Requisitions screen.

1) "New"

2) Select a Reason Code

3) Input the item(s) and quantities.

4) Post.

Note: You cannot input an item into Requisition for a quantity greater that what you have available on the shelf. Backorders are not supported in this area.

Requisitions also lends itself to manufacturing facilities which maintain consumable "tool crib" items. A few examples would be cutting tool, chemicals and paints, or welding supplies. As products are consumed via Requisitions, the inventory levels decrease which will trigger the items to appear on Replenishment when their target level is reached.