Modifying Posted Vendor Invoices

There are times when a posted, un-paid vendor invoice may require modifications. This could be for editing non-financial information such as the invoice number, invoice date, or notes; or as extreme as needing to correct the invoice amounts, matching records, or to post into a different fiscal period.

As long as the invoice has never had any payment activity processed against it, the "Reverse This Invoice" feature found in the Actions toolbar will accommodate each of these goals. Search and Open the posted invoice from the Vendor Invoice screen. Select "Reverse This Invoice" from the Actions menu. The previously created general ledger transactions from the original posting will be reversed (into the current date), and the invoice returned to "Open" status. You may now edit the invoice just as if you were originally entering the invoice. This includes toggling matching records. Once you have made the desired changes, proceed to Post the invoice.

Posting Tip: For most cases of editing invoice#, notes, date, and amount, you will want to (re)Post the invoice to the same current date in which you took the Reverse This Invoice action. However, there exist viable reasons to (re)post the invoice into a different fiscal period, for instance if the initial post had been performed to an incorrect period.

If your goal is to actually delete the invoice, for example in the case of inputting an invoice twice, this process WILL NOT accomplish that goal. Upon executing "Reverse This Invoice", the message box will state that you will be "unable to delete this invoice". Your only option is to modify and re-post. So in the case of desiring to fully eliminate the impact of the invoice, you will need to perform one of two options.

Option 1) Input a Vendor Credit and specify all of the expenses accounts that were impacted by the initial posting. Then proceed to Pay A Vendor and apply the credit to the invoice.

Option 2) Perform an AP Adjustment to the invoice. The limitation to this approach is that you will only be able to apply a single Reason Code (ie expense account) for the full invoice amount being adjusted.