Installation Wizard Failures

The Installation Wizard may result in a failure with a message point to the inability to access a ClientShare folder. the ClientShare folder must have sufficient permissions to be written to. However, that is typically not the reason for the access denied issue. The ClientShare folder should never be mapped to a drive letter. This issue with mapping is that it creates a connection to the folder, which remains "connected" until explicitly closed or a workstation connected to the the Mapped drive is powered off.

If the failure occurs, you may use the Computer Management tool and look under "Shares" to determine is there are any connections to the target share. If there are, You may may use the following Powershell command to determine which users make up those connections.

Get-WmiObject Win32_ServerConnection -ComputerName HYLOK-SVR | Select-Object ShareName,UserName,ComputerName | Where-Object {$_.ShareName -eq "ClientShare_Hylok"}

The possible areas that may be generating these mappings are:

Domain login script

Domain User profile configuration

User Window's mapping.