Purchase Receiving Labels are not Printing

The Purchase Order Receiving process provides the ability to print labels for items received. While selecting lines in the grid to be received, the user can populate the column Label Count with a value of 0, 1, or greater. If set to 0, no label will print for this receipt line. If set to 1 or greater, that specified number of labels will print for the receipt line. After the receipt has been posted. Acclamare will prompt user to print labels if any lines had been specified with a Label Count greater than 0.

During the receiving steps, if the user selects the line Checkbox, the Receiving column will auto-populate with the quantity remaining due and Label Count column will populate to "1". The user can proceed to edit either values. However, if the user does not use the Checkbox first and instead directly accesses the Receiving column to input a value, the Label Count value must also be manually set by the user.