Exchange or Replace a Shipped Item

 A customer may have been received an item which they did not desire and they wish to receive a different item. Potential scenarios shown below require different combinations of documents to properly handle the inventory.

  • Sales Order indicated the correct item, but an incorrect item was pulled and shipped.
  • Sales Order was entered for the incorrect item and shipped as per Sales Order.
  • Customer ordered the incorrect item and needs to return for a different item.
  • Replacement item may or may not be sent at non-charge.

The purpose of the Customer Exchange Wizard is to prompt the user through the various scenarios that may have created the need for a customer exchange. From the answers provided, Acclamare will create a Sales Order and Customer Return/Credit. This wizard is used when a replacement order will be shipped to the customer AND the customer will return a product (or will be directly credited).

Attached is a detailed document on how to use Customer Exchange Wizard

Customer Exchange Wizard.pdf