Item Substitutes

Substitute Items is implemented into the sales order process. In Acclamare, substituting is a means towards fulfilling a customers requirement when their requested item is not fully available to be committed and shipped.

1) User is made aware of the existence of substitute items when 3 factors are met:

a) The full quantity requested (ie Quantity Ordered) cannot be fully committed, AND

b) The item has Substitutes defined, AND

c) The Customer's File Maint setting for "Allow Substitutes" checkbox is set to true.

2) The user is notified by a visual clue (Blue Information Icon) in the "Backorder" field. The clue is accompanied by an "..." button. Clicking the "..." will open a window displaying each of the substitute items defined for the current line item. The quantity available of each substitute along with List Price and Notes are also displayed.

To define substitutes for an item, access the item via Item File Maintenance. From the item's Maintenance menu, select Substitute Items. You may add as many substitutes as you like. For each, you may add Notes.