Restore and Save User Customizations

The user interface can be fully customized per user. This include screen size, screen position, fields displayed, field locations, column widths, and sorting & grouping options. These settings are stored in the local user's computer. Either accidentally or purpose, a user may make modifications to the interface which later are determined to be undesirable. Every time a screen is closed, the settings of that screen is saved to your computer.

There are processes in Acclamare menu which allow the user to save (Upload) a copy of their customizations up to the database stored on the server. At a later time, the user can restore (Download) those saved customization to replace the customization stored and being utilized on their computer.

To access this feature, navigate to File - Customizations from the main menu bar. You will be presented with options to:

Upload my Customizations to the Database

This saves the users current settings to the server.

Download my Customizations from the Database

This will download the last saved settings to the user's computer.

Before using either option, make sure you are logged out of every Acclamare screen including Dynamic Inquires. The only screen that should be open is the main Acclamare menu bar.

It is recommended that each user perform the "Upload my Customizations to the Database" in a regular basis (ie weekly) so backup of the current settings are saved. NOTE: do not perform the "Upload" process if you know there is problem with you current settings.