Email Copies of Multiple Sales Invoices

A customer may request to be sent copies of multiple sales invoices at some time after the original invoices have been sent. They also may request you to send the email to a different address than is used by the "Sales Invoice Printing" batch process. The "Email To" feature is the necessary action to take, as this allows the user to specify the recipient of the email, input email body notes, and attach multiple documents . There are two screens (Sales Invoice and Customer Collection Call) from where this can be accomplished. Customer Collections Call simplifies the process as all invoices are listed in a grid, eliminating the user form having to search and open each document.

Follow these steps to email copies of multiple invoices to a customer in a single email.

1) Access Transactions > Accounts Receivable > Customer Collections. Input the customer and select Status = "All Open Documents". Click the Refresh icon from the menu to retrieve results.

2) Once the data grid has populated with the desired customer, select Actions > Start Call. This opens the detail collections worksheet for this customer.

3) Let's say the the grid contains 10 invoices and the customer needs copies of 3 of those.

a) Highlight the 1st invoice and choose File > Print Preview > Invoice. From the preview, click Save, and save to desktop. The pdf is automatically named such as "Sales Invoice 11111".

b) Repeat step "a" for the 2nd invoice to create pdf for Sales Invoice 11112.

c) Now highlight the 3rd invoice and choose File > Email To > Invoice. In the Email screen, click the ellipsis in the "Attach" field. Highlight and select the two pdf's you saved to your desktop. Input the recipient's email, edit Subject and Body Notes, then Send. The recipient will receive a single email with all 3 invoices attached.