Preparations to replace a client's computer running Acclamare

Backup of each user/computer Acclamare customizations

1) Be logged into Acclamare on the computer.

2) Exit all Acclamare screen except for the main screen.

3) Access menu File > Customizations > Clear My Stored Customizations. Acknowledge "Yes" to the reset/clear prompt.

4) Access menu File > Customizations > Upload My Customizations to the Database

Install Connectwise Control

Access the url below to download and run on each new computer.

"contact Ethos to acquire site-specific URL"

Computer configuration

The following Windows services must the configured to Start Automatically, and then started.

  • DNS Client
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication
  • SSDR Discovery

Network Discovery must be enabled. To do so, follow these steps

1) Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

2) Change Advanced Sharing Settings.

3) Check box for "Turn On Network Discovery" under the Network section.