Retain Copies of Sent Emails

Acclamare provides a means to send copies of outbound emails to one or more centralized email addresses for the purpose of archive logging. This is done by assigning a BCC address to selected documents.

Under File Maintenance - Printing - Document Control, set the "BCC Address" field to the email address you would like a copy sent to. When you email that particular document, a copy of the email and it's attachments will be automatically sent to the address you have specified here.


Note that the copy is sent to the address specified without regard to the user that sent the email. The common setup is:

  • Your company will establish an email address such as
  • In the BCC fields, you would assign that email address.
  • In each users Outlook or Gmail client, you would configure the user to also have access to the Inbox of (Contact your IT contact for configuring your email client).

Using the above approach allows for a single repository of emails sent from Acclamare, and the users given access to that Inbox will be able to check and review email history. If desired, you can create a more granular approach by sending particular documents to different email addresses. For instance, you could establish and assign unique BCC Addresses for a purchasing documents, sales order documents, and invoicing documents.