Customer Quote Expiration and Deletion

A Customer Quote has a header field named Expiration Date which serves as the basis date for two separate processes. There are two configuration settings which independently act upon this date value. A thorough understanding of this field and the configuration settings are important for not only daily pricing, but also the retention of quotes.

The first configuration setting, "Default Expiration Days", specifies the number of days to add to the current date, and that calculated date is set as the Quote's "Expiration Date". The default setting for Default Expiration Days is 30 days. If a quote is being input on Jul 1, the Expiration Date will default to Jul 31. User may manually change the Expiration Date value to any date or even remove the date value.

How does the Expiration Date impact routine daily pricing? When inputting a Sales Order, Customer Quote, or Price & Availability for a customer + item, Acclamare evaluates all possibly pricing options to arrive at the suggested selling price. Existing quotes are included in that evaluation IF the quote has not expired. Using the example above, up through Jul 31, the quote will be included in the evaluation for suggested pricing, and the quote will be displayed in the "Show All Pricing" window. After Jul 31, the quoted price is ignored and will not appear in "Show All Prices" window. If the user has cleared the Expiration Date value, the quote will always be included in the evaluation.

The second configuration setting, "Months Retention", specifies the number of months beyond the Expiration Date that the quote will be retained. The default setting is "1 month". Once again using the example, the quote input on Jul 1 will be included in pricing evaluation through July 31. The quote will remain in Acclamare through Aug 30 (Expiration Date + 1 month) for the user to access, edit, or refresh the Expiration Date. On the evening of Aug 30, the daily Acclamare clean-up process will permanently delete the quote from the database.

There are two points to consider when developing your quote retention time frame. The available setting for Months retention is 1-999 months. Quotes which DO NOT have an Expiration Date will not be deleted. With those points in mind you could take any of the following approaches .

1) (default configuration ) Set Months Retention value to "1". Quotes reaching 1 month beyond the Expiration Date will be deleted, with the exception of Quotes for which the user has cleared the Expiration date.

2) Set Months Retention value to "999". This effectively retains all quotes for 80+ years.

3) Set Months Retention value to say "24". Quotes will be deleted two years after Expiration Date, with the exception of Quotes for which the user has cleared the Expiration date.