Purchase Order Quantity Receipt Error

A Purchase Order may be received into Acclamare in a quantity that does not match the actual physical quantity. This could be either a posted quantity greater than the physical quantity or less than the physical quantity. The may have occurred as a legitimate user mistake of inputting an incorrect value or selecting/deselecting a line checkbox; or after further inspection of the merchandise, it is discovered that the physical count is in error.

Posted Receipt Was Under Received

When a Purchase Receipt has been posted for a quantity that was less than the physical quantity received, the resolution is very simple. Proceed to initiate a new Purchase Receipt, input the additional quantity that is needing to be received, and Post.

During Vendor Invoice entry, both receipts will appear and you will select both receipts for which the combined quantity will equal to the quantity on the vendor's invoice.

Posted Receipt Was Over Received

When a Purchase Receipt has been posted for a quantity greater than was physically received, the resolution is a bit more complex as the product already exists in inventory and possible already allocated to Sales Order, Kit Orders, or Rework Orders. Additionally the receipt of purchase order has already impacted various general ledger accounts.

Let's assume that 5 Ea were ordered of which 3 Ea were physically received. However all 5 Ea were posted as received in Purchase Order Receiving process.

1a) If you have the vendor's invoice for the 3 Ea, you may proceed to input that invoice now or are a later time. After retrieving the lines into the "matching" grid, change the "Invoiced" column value from 5 Ea to 3 Ea. and proceed to post the invoice. This step leaves 2 Ea as unmatched and awaiting an invoice.

1b) Begin a new Vendor Invoice. This will only be an internal document which the vendor will never see. You may assign it any invoice#. Consider using the PO# or Invoice# such as "12786-internal". Input the invoice amount applicable to 2 Ea, then retrieve match to the 2 Ea, and then post.

2) Determine is the additional 2 Ea are allocated to any Sales Order, Kit Order or Rework Order. The best think to do is access the item# and then view Dynamic Inquiry - Stock Availability. If the Available quantity is 2 Ea or greater, you may proceed to Step 3. If the Available quantity is less than 2 Ea, you will need to identify where the quantity is committed, and reduce the quantity committed to one or more of the orders.

3) Input a Vendor Return against the same vendor and specify the quantity to be return as 2 ea. DO NOT checkmark the box labeled "Requires Vendor Approval". Edit the Cost value to that value you matched to in step 1b. Print Preview the Pick Ticket so as to get the document into "Vendor Notified" status..

4) Use the Vendor Return Shipment screen to add a new Return Shipment. You will be prompted to select the return you created in Step 3. Confirm the values in Quantity column is 2 Ea. Proceed to "Post This Shipment". This has now removed the item from inventory by 2 Ea, and has created a Vendor Credit.

5) You can now offset the internal Vendor Invoice created in Step 1b with this Vendor Credit. Go to "Pay A Vendor" and select "New" and choose the vendor. In the "Available Credits" fields, choose the credit that was just created. Then select the internal invoice within the invoice grid. The value of the credit should show as Payment amount. From the Actions menu, choose "Apply Credits Only". The internal invoice or credit have now been paid and will not appear on vendor aging or future payment processing.

Quantity on hand and general ledger implications resulting from the excess-quantity receipt have now been resolved.

Note: The original receipt of 5 ea may have cause the Purchase Order to revert to "Received" status if that was the only or last line open at the time of receipt. If that was the case, you will need to create a new internal Purchase Order for 2 ea, against which you will later receive the 2 ea when they arrive. If the original Purchase Order is still in "Partially Received" status, you can simply add a new line to the purchase order for 2 Ea.