Change Quantity or Cancel BTO Kit Lines

A situation may arise for which a Sales Order Line is being sourced from a BTO Kit Order and changing of the quantity ordered, committed, or on backorder is necessary. If increasing the quantity being ordered, and no posting of the existing Kit Order has occurred, and no Kit Order Components are being directly purchased from a Purchase Order then user can follow this simple process.

1) Open the Sales Order and expand the Sales Order Line to display the Line Detail.

2) In the Line Detail, increase the Quantity field to the desired value. The Kit Order, Kit Order Component Lines, Sales Order Line Detail, and Sales Order Line quantity values will update automatically.

Alternatively, a new Sales Order Line and Line Detail (BTO Kit Order) could be inserted onto the Sales Order for the additional quantity.

When it becomes necessary to reduce a quantity of a Sales Order Line that is attached to a BTO Kit Order, the process is not as straight forward. Depending upon multiple variables and restrictions, the steps to be taken will vary. This is especially so when a Kit Order Component is being purchased such that a Component Line and Purchase Order Line are linked. If it is not uncommon for BTO line items to be edited for quantity, it would be recommended to avoid the Kit Component lines being of virtual item type, or stock lines directly linked to Purchased Orders. That will provide the user more flexibility in making quantity changes to BTO Kit Orders.

Use the document link below to view/download a detailed flowchart to determine the proper steps to successfully reduce/cancel/delete a Sales Order Line being sourced from a BTO Kit Order.

Change Quantity or Cancel BTO Kit Lines.pdf