Grid Customization

Grids are used throughout Acclamare to input and display data. Each grid can be modified using features such as add/remove columns, reposition the column order, sort and group by column, sum and count totals for columns, add column filters, and export grid data. These changes are stored in the user's Customizations.

To access the grid features, right-click on any column header of the grid. The list of feature selections appear as shown .


A few of the more commonly used features are Column Chooser, Group By, and Show/Hide Footer.

Once you have chosen "Show Footer" and closed the grid feature selection window, you can then add column computations into the footer. Right-click in the footer under the desired footer. This will display the computation features available for the data type applicable for the column. In the example shown below, the "Line" column footer has been assigned to display a "Count" of the lines.