Item Class Movement Analysis

One of Acclamare's feature strengths is its monthly reclassification of items and subsequent recalculation of each item's reorder levels. These reorder levels are Line Point, Order Point, and Order Quantity. The Item Class Movement Analysis report provides a detail listing of each item comprising each Item Class, and compares the current reorders levels to those levels which existed in the prion month.

This report is particularly useful in analysing Classes 1-2 and 12-13. Items within classes 1 and 2 are the biggest contributors to your sales, while items in classes 12 and 13 are dead or near-dead items. Periodic review of both extremes is important to ensure that you have a proper Reorder Methods established. Having items at either extreme with a "Manual" Reorder Method can be detrimental to your stock outages, and over/under inventory investment. An item with a "Manual" Reorder Method does not get it's reorder levels automatically recalculated. The levels are "fixed" at a level set by a user. While these levels may have been appropriate at some point in time, the current movement of the item may be such that those manually set values are no longer applicable.

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