Special Order Lines

A Sales Order line will be auto-assigned a detail line named "Special Order" when the item input is a virtual item and the Sales Order was exited without the user purchasing/acquiring the item via New Detail action. Special Order lines appear during the Replenishment process and are indicated by a Reason Type of "Special Order".

Upon a Special Order line detail being created for a virtual item line, the user has three options to address the line.

1) The Special Order detail line can remain on the order so that the line can be purchased via Replenishment. Upon the Replenishment process creating a Purchase Order or Kit Order for this Special Order line, the system automatically deletes the Special Order detail line on the Sales Order and replaces it the a new detail line pointing to the newly created Purchase Order or Kit Order.

2) While the Special Order detail line exists on the Sales Order, the user may access New Detail action from the menu bar and select any of the purchase/acquisition choices (Ie Purchase, Drop Ship, etc). Upon making a selection, the Special Order detail line will be automatically deleted and replaced with the new acquisition selection just made.

3) If the Sales Order line item is no longer desired or the user prefers to change the item from a Virtual to Stocking item, the first step is to place focus on the Special Order detail line and press the [Delete] key. This deletes the Special Order line. Now proceed to delete the Sales Order line as well using the [Delete] key. You may now edit the item's file maintenance to add a Stocking record, and re-add the item to the Sales Order.

  1. Douglas Perkinson
    09 April, 2019