Dashboards represent one of the most valuable features of Acclamare being underutilized.

What are Dashboards?

  • A blank canvas onto which can be added one or more elements such a grids, pie and bar charts, performance gauges and geo maps.
  • These elements are linked to specific data desired by the client..
  • An unlimited number of Dashboards can be created.
  • Each user can be restricted as to which Dashboards they have access to.
  • List of user available dashboards is available from the Inquiries > My Dashboards menu.

Below are links to two videos. The first video (Dashboard Overview) provides an introduction to Dashboards and presents the two default templates that come with Acclamare free of charge. It also presents 6 additional templates. The list of templates covered in this first video are:

  • Default Executive
  • Default Customer Collection
  • Orders & Quotes
  • Purchasing
  • Sales Activity
  • Quick Compare Sales
  • Item Maintenance - Setup
  • Item Maintenance - Pricing

The second video (Dashboard Phase II) presents 4 additional templates. These include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Income Statement 3-Yr Comparative
  • Balance Sheet 3-Yr Comparative

Dashboard templates can also be created for client-specific needs. Please contact me if you find that Dashboards may be a valuable feature to add into your for your company.

DashBoard Overview.mp4

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Dashboard Phase II.mp4

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File Size: 26.6 MB

Run Time: 7 Min 24 Sec

Dashboard Pricing.pdf