Kit Item Price Roll-Up

Acclamare provides the ability for kitted items to be priced based upon a sum (roll-up) of the selling prices of the component items that comprise the kitted item.

1) Price roll-up works only when "Build to Order Kit" detail is chosen from a sales order line.

2) The finished item's defaulted price on the sales order line must be $0.00.

a) This means the List Price for this item in Item File Maintenance must be set to $0.

b) The List Price in the Stocking record (if one exists) for this item must be set to $0.

3) The user must not edit the sales order line's Price value prior to adding the BTO detail line. Even resetting the value back to $0 will still not reinstate roll-up logic. This is because any edit of a line price field toggles the Price Source field value to "Manual".

4) As long as the order line's Price = 0 AND Price Source <> Manual, then the BTO processor will be instructed to roll-up the price of the components to arrive at the price for the finished item.

5) The pricing engine (price determine logic) utilizes the standard methods for arriving at the price of each component line. Thus contracts, brackets, group/item pricing formulas are evaluated for each component line first. The roll-up of these prices are used to arrive at the price for finished item.