Dynamic Inquiries Customization and Startup

When an Acclamare screen is closed, the size/position, fields, and field locations (ie user Customizations) are written to a special folder on the user's computer. When that screen is next opened, it will appear exactly in the same manner as it was last closed.

The same holds true for the Dynamic Inquiries screen. However, most users never intentionally "close" Dynamic Inquiries. Instead, they allow the Dynamic Inquiries screen to simply shut down as part of the exit process of the main Acclamare interface. This automated shut down process DOES NOT save Customizations of the Dynamic Inquires. In order for changes made to Dynamic Inquiries to be saved, Dynamic Inquiries screen must be manually closed via it's title bar icons, just as a user would do for any other Acclamare screen.

The technology controlling how Dynamic Inquiries data 'dynamically' refreshes as the user places focus within areas in Acclamare's other screens, require that Dynamic Inquiries be started as part of the Acclamare startup sequence. As such, once Dynamic Inquiries is closed, the only manner to restart it is to close Acclamare and log back in.

Dynamic Inquiries is an optional interface. There may be some tasks or users who have no need for the information. To control whether Dynamic Inquiries loads as part of the Acclamare startup sequence, you need to access File Maintenance - My User Account. The checkbox for "Open Dynamic Inquiries when Acclamare Opens" controls this choice.

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