Hotkey and Icon Customization

The Names and Icons within screen menus can be edited for personal usability. The primary changes that can be performed are adding a hotkey to a menu command and adding text to appear alongside a menu icon. A hotkey is a character value that when used with the "ALT" keystroke will initiate the associated menu command. Acclamare has numerous hotkeys defined by default and that can be seen in menus whereby one of the characters of a menu command contains an underscore. For example in Sales Order screen, New, Open, File menu have an underscore for "N", "O", "F" respectively. Pressing ALT plus the O character will execute the "Open" command.

Presently, the menu option for "Reset This Order" does not have an assigned hot key. Reset This Order exists under the Actions menu option which already has been assigned "A" as it's hotkey. The following steps will allow you to assign "R" as a hotkey for Reset This Order. Please be aware and closely review your choice for a hotkey BEFORE assigning a hotkey as it possibly could conflicting with another hotkey. The best way to precheck is to first test the intended hotkey and confirm that no other commands are executed.

Note: To access sub-menu hotkey, depress and hold down the ALT key while depressing the hotkey values in succession. (EX: ALT A R)

1) Right click in the open area which exists to the right of the existing icon toolbar. Select "Customize" from the list of options.

2) While the Customization window is displayed, click the "Actions" menu from the Sales Order screen menu to expand that menu list. Now right-click on "Reset This Order".

3) The name fields reads "Reset This Order". Edit this field and place the "&" character in front of the desired hotkey value. In this example I will edit to read "&Reset This Order" so that "R" becomes the hotkey character.

4) While the Customization window is displayed, you may also edit an existing icon so that text appears with the icon. The image which looks like a computer disk is meant to indicate "Save". If you would like to include the word "Save" next to the icon, follow steps #1 and #2 and then right-click on the icon in the menu. From the options listing, select "Image and Text".

5) Close the Customizations windows to save your changes.