Shipping via UPS WorldShip

This article provides the basic operations for shipping from Acclamare using UPS Worldship integration.

** Prerequisites are that UPS WorldShip has been installed and that Acclamare and Worldship have been integrated by your IT support resource.

Configure Acclamare Shipping Interface

Please refer to the following video for configuring your Acclamare Shipping interface with the needed toolbar fields.

Interface Master.mp4

UPS Startup

1) Start the Worldship application.

2) Once Worldship main menu appears, select the Import/Export (1) tab, and then click AcclamareToWorlship (2) icon.


3) The "Import Key" dialog box will appear. You may drag the box to any convenient position on your screen, but do not close/exit this box as it will be used for each shipment processed from Acclamare.


Shipment Processing

1) Add a sales order to the Acclamare Shipping interface. The order needs to have a valid UPS Carrier Service and Freight Payment Method PRIOR to adding the sales order into Shipping interface.

2) Make any changes needed to the Commit Quantities in the line grid.

3) Click on the "Export to Shipper" toolbar choice.

4) In Worldship, type in the sales order number into the Import Key (yellow box) and press enter or tab.

5) The Worldship screen will now become populated with the shipping address, carrier service, freight payment method (ie Bill to shipping or recipient), and recipient's UPS account#.

6) Process your Worldship shipment as normal by inputting the weight of the box,and adding additional boxes if appropriate. When all boxes have been added, click the F10 icon to finish the Worldship shipment. This prints the Worldship label(s).

7) In Acclamare Shipping interface, click the "Import From Shipper" toolbar choice. This brings in the freight charges if applicable as well as the tracking numbers.

8) Click "Print Packing Slip" from toolbar.

9) Click "Post & New" to complete the shipment and generate the Sales Invoice for later printing. ** If your company procedure is to not allow for immediate creation of Sales Invoice, then replace your toolbar choice with "Stage & New" instead of "Post & New".

A much more detailed discussion of what occurs during each step of the Shipping process can be found at the following article.

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