1099 Payment Reporting

In the Vendor File Maintenance, the field 1099 Type exists for the purpose to specifying the type of 1099 (if applicable) is associated with the vendor. If the 1099 field is set to "None", then during Vendor Invoice entry, the invoice screen will default 1099 field to being unchecked. Any other value specified in the file maintenance screen will cause the invoice 1099 box to default to being checkmarked. During initial invoice entry, user has full control to toggle that checkbox as needed.

The 1099 form (report) accumulates data by querying the data from the vendor invoice table, not vendor file maintenance. Vendor Invoices which have the 1099 checkbox checkmarked will be included in the reported 1099 amount. Note that 1099 reporting only includes the invoices based upon the date of payment. So, an invoice dated and inputed in 2017, but paid in 2018 will be reported on the year 2018 1099 form.

If you have already input vendor invoices and did not have the vendor file maintenance 1099Type value set to a non-"N" value, it is likely those invoices have their 1099 checkbox unchecked. So if changing a vendor's 1099 Type from "N" to some other value after invoices have been input, you will need to contact your Acclamare support representative to have them change the 1099 checkbox value on any pre-existing vendor invoices.

The following choices are available from the 1099 Type drop down in Vendor File Maintenance.

1099 types.jpg