Suppress Empty Address Lines

The standard manner to hide a form field is to set it's Visibility expression. This approach can also be used to set the Visibility for "address lines 2 and 3" so that if null data those line become hidden, resulting in the line for "city, state, and zip" to move up directly below "address line 1". That will work as long as there are no other text boxes horizontally across the same form space.

A typical scenario is that a form will have a block of text boxes for a billing address and a block of text boxes for a shipping address. One of the sets of addresses has 2 or 3 address lines with data, and the other set has only 1 address line with data. The issue you encounter is that the set of address text boxes which has only 1 address having data is still displaying the blank line space where address line 2 and 3 would appear. The city,state,zip line is separated from address line 1 by two large empty rows.

To resolve the issue, you must isolate each set of address text fields into their own "rectangle". Thus, you will have a one rectangle containing all of the billing name, address lines, and city,state,zip text boxes, and a second rectangle containing all of the shipping name, address lines, and city,state,zip text boxes. Now place the Visibility expression for the address lines as you would typically do. With the text boxes contained within separate rectangles, lines with no value can now become hidden without regard to other fields on the same horizontal plane of the form (ie the address lines from the other address block/rectangle).

Ref: The Visibility expression for an address line would take on this syntax.

=iif(Fields!ShippingAddress2.Value is nothing, True, False)

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