Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BOM) is a feature which provides a means to input several items into the Sales Order through the use of a single BOM Name. The feature would be used for creating an order which contains a group of items which are typically sold together. An example would be a Water Heater. Along with the heating unit, you may sell hot and cold water feed lines, a gas line, elevated stand, and safety strap. Be defining a BOM for this group of items, you would simply input the BOM Name onto the Sales Order, and all 6 items will populate into the item grid. The items entered will be individually priced using the same pricing logic as if each lines was manually keyed into the item grid. The lines can be edited and deleted.

A Bill of Materials does not have a defined or roll-up price like a kitted item would have. A Build of Materials is simply a manner to define a group of items to facilitate quick data entry of those items into a sales order grid. I also serves to assist the user by automatically populating the proper accompanying item numbers.

Bill of Materials are defined under the menu File Maintenance - Inventory - Bill of Materials. The Name you assign to the BOM will be the name by which you identify and search for the BOM. In the example shown below for the replacement motor, it is defined with a motor, pulley,bracket, 4 bolts, and a power cord.


From within the Sales Order, "Add a Bills of Materials" can be found under the Action Menu (which can be added to your shortcut menu). The search for BOM utilizes the same exact and partial wildcard logic in use throughout Acclamare.


After selecting the desire BOM, you will be prompted for a "quantity". You will recall the Motor Replacement was defined with item quantities of 1,1,1,4,1. If user sets the BOM quantity to 2, you will find the item details are updated to represent the multiples.


After clicking "OK" from the BOM Quantity window, the Sales Order line grid will be populated with each of the items.

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